10 Bad Luck ideas.

10 Bad Luck ideas.

T1:-Suppose you are practicing for   something for a long time and when
its time to perform,you forgot everything.

T2:-Everytime you fall in love an end with
a feel of cheated.

T3:-Only you favourite things destructed.

T4:-How much you are right ,every time
you screwed-up.

10 Bad Luck ideas.10 Bad Luck ideas.

T5:-How much hard work you do but some
body gets its fruit in easy way but after hard work and efforts you get nothing.

T6:-Everytime you touches something and
that gets infected,but its not your fault.

T7:-Anybody does a crime and you only
got punishment for others guilt.

10 Bad Luck ideas.10 Bad Luck ideas.

T8:-Everytime you visit some body their life feels with disharmony.

T9:-In any particular area you go everytimr you face cellular network issue.

T10:-How much you loyal to any ,everytime just fucked by them.


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