10 Rules of Success

10 Rules of Success

T1 :-Learn too loose,yes you heard it right ;those who does learn to loose not get the key of success.

Remember what Edison says”I got 1000 ideas the way you can’t make those bulbs”.

T2 :-Winners have one thing common from the mistake they never repeat those events that they failed through.

T3 :-Remember only those things that can lead you to path of success.Since failure got long list.

T4 :-Never give up theory of “I can do it.

T5 :-Do not laugh on these word what japanese  say:-

If EveryBody can do, i can do

If no one can do i must do.”

T5 :- Never Give until you tried your best and if you thought you have tried think once more the best part of you still have to              to be seen.

T6 :-Never feel you are Unlucky,If  you are unlucky enough to say that i am unlucky,Lets think i m Lucky enough to rule the              unluck and the term Sociology will help you to rule your destiny .Since both luck and unluck term mind made.

T7 :-If you are mad enough on your rate of success and failure.Hold on Bro! you really need a break and enjoy the time you               most love.

T8 :-Never compromise your happiness, if you do so unfortunately you are moving toward great failure.If you are thinking               you are getting success you still lead to part of failure.

T9 :-Try till you last breathe.If you want to gave up go and learn of KFC owner.

T10 :-Always remember you success will start right the time you started to remember only success and erased what failure                 is.If you can’t understand just take a chill-pill and try to look at loop holes and turn your failure to success.