7 Earth Found Around single Sun(Trappist 1).

7 Earth Found Around single Sun(Trappist 1).7 Earth Found Around single Sun(Trappist 1).
As we all aware that population is rising on the earth day by day and our population reach 9billion+ Till 2050.It is nice to we known that we didn’t died in 2012 and may earth alive for many billions of year.But our population leads our survival in danger zone due to lack of survival material and water left on earth will not be in that abundance and will finish a soon as.So we need other planets for our survival.
Look at what Nasa found us in Chile by a chile telescope and nasa telescope combine found a solor System named Trappist 1 solar system.Which is 37.8 millions year  away from our solar system.
7 Earth Found Around single Sun(Trappist 1).
This i first time when scientists found not 1 not 2 but 7 planets in a solor system.Which is similar to the earth.This is going to be a huge revolution in our human and science history.
Trappist 1 solar system is basically recongnised as dwraf planets habbitation as or solar sysstem also contains thousands of dwarf plants too .But  in Trappist 1 system it is very different.Because all the planet are like earth.
We are happy we have something for our survival??.All the plants in this solar system are very close to each other and take 9 to 13 days to complete 1 orbit and much time its takes to cover a orbit same time take to rotate on its axis .So that one side of this always face dark and one side recieve light .So scientists think may be life in the middle of planet possible.7 Earth Found Around single Sun(Trappist 1).
7 Earth Found Around single Sun(Trappist 1).
Offcourse their sun s smaller than our sun more than 50 times may be.But their earth is 20times smaller to 25 times bigger than our earth.But Scientists shown special interest in 5th planet named Trappist 1F which looks similar to the mass of earth and have perfect condition than other 6.
7 Earth Found Around single Sun(Trappist 1).
Nasa going to launch a sattalite in 2018 which will monitor whole trapist system forthe search of life and gases like methane oxygen ozone.May we will see our future generations there .
Our scientists doing is best to find the habbitation for our survival becuse with 50 years we need on planet to shift from earth.
May be Trappist 1F will the one .This new solor System is so much awesome and planets are soclose that one can easily see every planet from the one planet surfce as we see moon from ours.

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