Being a little bad.

Sure society loves good people around them but what about little bad ass bastard the feeling fear of being with them but being little bad changes circumstances dramatically.Ofcourse you are unaware but being good means you are going to be used the society for their selfish will, being bad you not going to contribute to society but creating a selfish approach of getting goals for yourselves either good or bad means but all your efforts going to be self-centred.Bad a good people always get a clash with each other on their ideology and difference in society but we may end the clash by being not good but being a little bad.

Let me show you the scene if you get crushed by other wills all time you never had a life and your whole life become under construction plot for you where you have no any plot to help yourself. No doubt you may love it but ask yourself being good you are actually unfair to yourself and being fair to others and ignoring your life and yourself not going to help you to get a life.You may get your pages on Wikipedia but still, your life is colourless and bad freak even how much happiness you show you still feel alone inside being with everyone one you still alone within yourself.And if everybody become just good everyone become alone inside.It just hollows inside life played by peoples with a fake impression of life.

Now, being a bad ass you may take as assholes, surely they are the barrier to society and destruction to once life.Since their general believes involves around them only they possessive about each and every approach they take in life their only thought is me and only me.It doesn’t,  mean being bad is good but being the asshole is surely not.Being so much selfish that ignoring all around you and disturbing whole society only for your goodness is fucking a bad idea at all since you create an aura that disturbs all the function around you and life become too much self-centred.

I know you must have the questions then what to do?Being good is not a good idea being bad is the worst idea.Then what our approach should be.Our approach should be being a little bad, being little bad means you still carry goodness inside you so you help society and respects everybody will. But at the same time, you don’t ignore yourself. You take your position in society seriously and you always put yourself before others.

This will help to contribute to society and enjoy life and feel a free soul inside without ignoring yourself.YOu always ready to enjoy your life since you are joyful and being joyful in inner self-lead to help society without being crushed by the harsh behaviour of society.This will totally make your life full of colour and inspiration to other beings