Conqueror For Change

Today we are discussing on the “Conqueror for the change and I am going to describe situation like a individual for better Rhyming.

Conqueror For Change
So,Fight must begin now for the change.
I(taking as a individual) am not happy with the today’s rule where 90℅ people were unhappy.But i don’t think about 90℅ people unhappiness but i think how to make them happy.I know it cann’t be possible to make all of them happy so i decided to do a new quest with new idea of supervision with a change in government policies.I think democracy is one of the worst part of government where one and only availability of corruption from toe to head and  90% people are corrupted or the part of corruption or part of the root of corruption.If we take a story of “Pumpkin King”.Where a great ruler died and first time people promoted to choose  King means first time public has to choose.The bet is that who first reach the main gate of city will able to choose the king .When race started a poor minded or fool reached first to the main gate.Now he is the winner so they asked them to choose a king and he surprisingly said or you can accept this foolish word from a fool.He said i like pumpkin very much so Pumpkin will be the king??.People were happy and as well as royal officer  as they hadn’t any objection because pumpkin can’t speak or say anything and they can do whatever they want.
So here a fool choosen a government who only gave hardship to state not a good future.Same here in democracy the government were chosen by the 90℅ peope who hasn’t any sense of choosing government and at last they keep complaining that government is not working properly .They donot think that they made the government and at last they have to reap what they sown but they no its not my fault why they blame each other as defaulter quiet amazing fact offcourse.So today is command in the hand of that public chosen  people who donot have any sense of judgement.who judge this so i have decided to Conqueror over the world to make it bright and want to awake humanity to all the people and wants to make them away from behaviour of selfishness.So i do everything that will do a change.AS a dailog
Hindi version:-“Agar rasto ki parabah karunaa to bechari manzil bura man jayegi.”
English version:-“If i care for the way,my goal take it too seriously.”

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