Dark Side of Life.

Dark side of life,gloomy side of life,dark,lifeDark, yup! life is darker than we think. Life is worst and life is mean.

My friend why I am telling about this but of course you are reading this it means lots of tragedy you went throughout your lifetime. It is increasing at a good pace. We are living in an era of modernization and we are affected by this. We look life as gloomy. we live in such an era were people filled with hatred,  anger, and frustration.

You must agree by thought when you learned that whoever you trusted cheated on you, whoever you loved left you and whoever you find near dear get separated. You might think about why this happened to me but my friend before you look other faces to find who is your culprit, first look at yourself. You roar on me that we are in pain and he is making fun of us but not my friend I am not because when you look deep inside you will get your answer.

Let me explain to you if somebody hurts you it is because you loved him too much, I mean if you love somebody too much he tries to get away from you because it not about caring you killing his free space too. You may think no I am not done anything but you already made a mistake you don’t even realize.

If somebody breaks your heart for sure you are the reason because you believed more than the person worth and neglected their choice of living, accept it they are, the way they are. you can’t change them, so change yourself for better.

I know you thinking I am all good not broken anybody’s heart why bad thing happened to me.My dear, it isn’t your fault and yours too. Because you want something in return and you also want same time what you want in return gift fits you. But my friend this philosophy not works because you can’t change others perspective of life. But one thing you can do change yourself.

I know  life is not little but totally unfair in your reason but it will not happen to whom who think I am doing good but will happen to those who make right decision towards it.So standup and fight for your life and stand for yourself no miricales going to happen to you.