Dream Bigger

We live in the world full of sorrow.What a sorrow is ? It is a state of mind where we gave up our hopes and dreams.

But my friend life is not about giving up.It is about dreaming a little bit bigger than your sorrow exist.

Dream Bigger

Yes you heared it right, dream bigger beacause if you dream big your hopes will add  a extra wing to success.

Why you need to dream big is always a question in you and the answer for this is dreaming a big goal big thing get you all that you want. Take a example, If you strive for only passing marks and if tried your best either you pass or fail but never get a real success.The moment you just thinked of passing you created a aura(a comfort zone) around you and which don’t let you think more than that.So take you mind a little ahead think little bigger.

If you want 100 marks try for 110 ,if you want to rule a state dream little bigger try for country to rule want to rule earth try to rule the glaxy and so on.

These doesn’t mean loose you focus dreaming bigger means try extra mile ,try more than what it worth .

So believe in yourself dream bigger and success within your feet.