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Exam fear(Break it)

Exams (oooooo.),this word comes in mind and disturbs every persona.But you need to know why the fear is really about; expections and this is why the fears comes in mind.
Friends donot worry about exams and keep calm.

Donot thinl over marks ,marks cannot measure your skills and intelligence it is just a number written on paper.So donot think about the numbers because if you get tensed about the exams you must get sickness and frustration if u can’t able to do and this will lead to depression and in some cases sucide.
Sucide !Are you joking it means life ends ,it means that much left in life .If you are only number concisious then you never explored life .It is like living in cell(Jail) then what is the meaning of that.
Being sick about exam is madness which drives ,so donot take tense and donot compare your self with other because that that person done that i need to to do all that.All is just a bullshit because it is not going to give you long run happiness.
If parents reading my blog donot give burdens to the children because it will lead them to depression giving him individual choice rather than sticking on study!study!study!.May be marks come some how but that depression and unhappiness always be there and this is not good at all.
It doesn’t mean people leave studying ,
I judt try to say study bit for intelligence because everytime intelligence will help you not the marks .
Make a routine study but dont take it as burden take it as improving your intelligence.
Marks not leads sucks it intelligence so focus on learning not on memorizing think which makes you depressed if you are hardcore study person it means you leading life to a wrong direction
So friends donot take it as work take it as learning something till you are taking it too seriously it drives you towards madness not the success offcourse .
Though:-If you ever noticed successful people are not who got good marks  but succesful people are those who increased their intelligence level and perception.
Improve prection
“Remember what Bill Gates said the topper of my class is my employe and i m not that much in study still i m the owner pf company where he works,see our salary diffrence.