Why do we fall in Love ?

Love is beautiful and best feeling we ever got either painful or good but we loved what we loved what we went through and we enjoyed what happened in this throughout our life and still, we love, what the feeling it creates within our hearts.

So, we always keep wondering why we fall in love? But we find no answer if somebody finds it that is totally illusionary that makes his mind a mess. As we know life is short and not much but we learn in love that everything around us happens is unfair. Why this feeling arouses within us. It is because we unable to see that what made us fall in love.

Usually, we fall in love due to loneliness in our heart and it is due to our environmental and family condition. Where nobody really understands our feeling and nobody cares about our life. Everyone busy in themselves so much that they ignore our feeling our attention. And we all know the heart is like a child it seeks attention. You might wonder what type of attention, I may clear you the attention of feeling special, attention of feeling out of the world, the attention of somebody’s care.

All my attention seeks it. We are so alone in our hearts that we seek the attention. So no wonder when somebody looks at us with a grace of love. When somebody looks at us with a pair of eyes stairs none other than us.we feel this guy or girl will definitely make our life charming. It is correct that in this search we may fall in prey to someone dangerous. But as we know this is the only way we awble to find our love.

Loving the one we don’t even know much about him either he loves us or hates us or didn’t recognize us. We keep wandering that one day he or she may love me. In this way, we make ourself desperate.

When we feel special,  when somebody makes us feel we are special our heart starts pounding for him for no reason. We love staring at them we love to the look at their eyes with deep in intention. We don’t care either sun will fall from sky or moon disappear we simply love the aura around us and feel blissful.

It is more great feeling than getting an enlightenment because at some distance we may understand enlightenment but still love is complicated feeling and full of exploration that seduce us to fall into it.