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Feeling Blissful in Life

Blissful this word contains a deep meaning in life which changes everything we see and touch.

Blissful according to Guru Granth sahib is the giver of eternal peace that changes the purity of our soul and changes the view of the mankind.
Beign blissful is staying away from the sense of loss or gain,this is not about giving up work and relationship.It is about being stable in the storm of conflicts.
Question is how it can be possible to be stable in the storm of conflicts but before we question about this we need to see what the conflicts really is?It is the desire of getting something and not letting go the things as it is.It is all about greed and thrist of material world .If we can reserve our need we can be lead our self to bliss  in life

So enjoying the situations in life thinking posstive in life lead our soul in blissful state .If a glass is half filled,the positive mind say see this is half filled but a negative says it is half empty.Both were right but bliss is something that satisfy you without being arrogant towards life.

So finally a conclusion is that if u can’t se Blissful in life at all make it blissful.Because the state of mind you can change only through believe in your self in your god in your thought and that makes you blissed in every conflicts and hurdles.