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How death is Born?Yes death.

Every body is always tensed about their past,future and present.But one thing i want to acknowledge you that may every thing dissolve in the cosmos but one thing alive death.

Till the birth keep trying to play his games death is always there to end the game.

So leave this now narrate me the story how death is born.Death!!!!!Oh no how dath ia born.My friends something just happens.
A story from mythology of Hinduism .
Bharma created whole universe including earth.
One day Bhrama,sitting on his lotus looked at the earth,what he found ?He found that the earth is increasing its population day by day and earth may drawn to rasatal(Hell).
Barhmaa looked here annd there and got angry of increasing day by day population.Due to his immense anger a fiery like element came out of his body and start burning the world.
(Hey Barhmaa this is not fair we need other planet for our birden ohhh suttt upp???.)
Seeing this fire whole clan of Devas started worrying about end of the world and they gone to vishnu .But vishnu showed him path to shiva that shiva can only take the anger of Bharma.
Deva gone to shiva and requested for a help shiva said ok.And gone to bharama and asked why are you burning this whole world .Bharma replied because of increasing population of the world .Shiva said this is your problem to control population but now stop the fire.
On cmand from shiva bhrama stopped fire but a little fire element stopped outside and tooked a form of a girl black,yellow and red mix.

She asked why i am here.Bharama replied that from now you are the goddess of death because of born from anger of my fire.

But the honest lady started crying she said i hate adharma(immoral activity) and paap(sins).So plzz donot throw me in a pit.Bharama catched her tears and said ,oh lady donot worry the drop of your tear take form of sickness and after that you can take the lifes of all being and adharma and sins not counted in your account.
And my friends this is the way Goddesses of death born.
So if you have any other knowledge over this plzzz share your feedbacks.have suuggi write down below.