Life is Unfair accept it.

The life is one of a bigger blunder of our lifetime and our achievements are filled with unfair means of the harsh reality of life.We faced reality which is beyond our understanding.When we read books, go to school, and visit some saint or scholars.They show us the way to a part of good happening and kindness.But we face opposite situations in life.We are able to see that life turned back to us and making the mess of our life.Judgements turned on and make us fall into the trap of powerful beings or suffer a lot from rich peoples and nature.Nature is cruel to each and every aspect of our life.It means either strive for the thing or simply plunder because nature is not going to help you at any level.Fate takes us in hand and played us as a puppet.We tried hard a lot and someone gets the fruit of your work and you are just shocked what the fuck happens.IF you try to help others and life fucks you at every aspect, how this is fair.If you tried a lot for many years to get something and something with less effort gets it how you take it as a fair judgement of nature.So life is full these things they never treat you equally so better to either stole every from life or get fucked harsh reality.