Ten Reasons you are Sad

R1:-You are expecting too much from the life.

R2:-You think You are useless being on this planet.

R3:-You think that you don’t deserve anything at all and you underestimate yourself.

R4:-You don’t try much in your whole life for your dreams.

R5:-You think more about other than yourself.”Learn to be little selfish, it feels good and a way to your success”.

R6:-You don’t have any goal in your life.  “Goals gives meaning to life, So choose one.”

R7:-Take a break, yes you heard it right if think too much it will definitely lead to sorrow and finally make you sad.

R8:-You lack love in your life.“Go find someone who adds meaning to your life”.

R9:-You are too committed to something.“Learn to let go”.

R10:-You still think you are sad but you do not just take look at your surroundings.


Happiness and Sadness is part of life it is a fact.Your perspective of looking at makes it  Happy or sad moment.So learn and keep improving your perception.