Mistake committed

So, my friend, there is a lot of mistakes we committed through our lifetime and we never looked at what we have made a mess.
Important thing is that is mistake important answer is “NO”. Important is what we learn from our mistakes.
We are so busy in our life doing wrong things that we never understood that what we really need to do in our life. Yup! This is quite important for us to learn about the mistake we made in our life. we need to pay for our each and every mistake we going through.
Life is such a mess we need to learn to achieve things beyond and within capabilities and this is not only going to happen with the only thing i.e, learning. we need. To understand what learning really means it means not to avoid conflict and become introvert but it is about to learn everything around us and become master of that. But before we step further in winning life we need to learn to achieve what we really need in life and it is not going to happen without we learn to deal with the mess we did i.e, mistakes.
I know life is little unfair but you know we really not going to win over life as a mistake is a human tendency of dealing with life so you need to learn first to overcome it. You can’t keep complaining about each and everything around you. I know you went through with a life no one can ever imagine but my dear, you need to learn nobody going to wipe your tears it is only you that can help. So stand up for yourself see what the mess you created and find a best possible way to achieve this. Look nobody will going to care for you so get your ass out and we ready for a standup for yourself and turn your mistakes to your reward.