People Around You Is People of Himself Not for anyone

As we all know that time is being passing with his own speed and with passes of time people acknowledged themselves with many topics and thoughts.Some people got special talents in a field but nobody knows any field in its fullest form and everybody envie seeing that particular person knows some extra ,they tries to drag them down by putting obstacle in their path as possible.
  No any supreme power coming to help you till you get injured or destructed totally or ruined in whole life and if you find sone helping hand in this world that surely the helper will be killled destructed or  made alone by situation of society.
 Is this world we wanting to live forever  ,you must say no because it totally field with one greed .The thought of mind filled with if i haven’t got this i will not let any one to get that.People all finding against himself that let them down lower than position of the animal.
  As we all listen that an enemy is better than a worst friend because you are sure about enemies but not friend behind you.
As we see every destruction starts from own dear ones ,how much smile they wear on their face inside envies .No any trust left between people all just made the sense of himself .The greed is totally filled inside their mind.
  Actually as we look around some helper or some show-off person that just tries to prove their self not that they want you too become something but they wants to show you how superior they are and you are just nothing infront of them.It means all people are in race of self development not other and if you think not you will realize one day when you ditched in some situation.
 Chanakya said:-Friend is a bond of greed and it is a bitter truth.
Thought:-Everybody that touches your heart cannot be directly determined as either he is friend or foe.

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