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Power of Thoughts

Power of of thoughts .It is quiet amazing in listening and also performs a great part in our life.What it is all about?
Ok listen my friend as you see my blog name is is mind is everything and that’s mind which creates thoughts and as Bhuddha said that mind is everything that we think ,we become.What science say we have two state of mind concious and subconscious.Both states of mind plays a great role in our life .All the generation of our thoughts passes through these two stages,it is not necessary that what passes in concious will reach subconscious but what reach subconscious will definitely passed through consious.Concious is one of the stage where we work for daily life but may or may not pay attention or importance towards anything just use it as temporary tool.But when concious things that subconscious needs attention to daily strikes on certain thought it just sends to him and subconscious starts to make this illusion happen and this is the game that comes in play.In this part of game we started to move from imagination to make it happen.It doesn’t mean you didn’t need to have a work.But you didn’t need any work because subconscious mind starts it play and puts your efforts to make anything that he think off to make it reality and this way it started to work on you and people will surprise of your thoughts and their reality .
So build a trust in your thoughts and let the energy flow through your veins.