Reason of sorrow

Sorrow!A man become sorrowful when he comes in contact of attraction of anything.Sorrow not really means to attraction because a attraction is mankind(just a feeling), but it is quite good till you are able to control the attraction but when attraction starts attracting your or capturing ur mind over reason of sorrow gets its root .

                 As my topic is sorrow i started from its root i.e., attraction and and stem of that plant is I,Me,Myself the branches of this plant is realationships with peoples and the leaf of this plant is Emotions.It gets water in the form of Greed,Jealous and no control over senses with these things plant of sorrow become a Big tree and throws us in a sorrowful life.
                  As my topic is reason of sorrow but my first four or five lines indirectly tries to convince that stay away from attraction,do your work without imagination of  fruits .If people over comes from it and know the truth of life he gets a bond or feeling like he is in touch with nature(God) and become neutral in his sense to everything.To neutralize the energy every people wants the balance.Neutral people man didn’t gives any position to attraction in his life even a beautiful lady is around he has no desire to get attracted (means self controled).Any how lady tries to seduce him with power of control in him ,he final defeats the beauty.As he is getting control on his sense and becomes a stone in the ocean that ocean can’t flow him ,he is ready to take all the arrows of sorrow he directly conacted with neature(God)and feel blissful .
So know your true self attraction is tool in life which u can control donot get controlled and when you able to get a sense that everything  either space or time is illusion u get enlightenment within self and  win over sorrow.

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