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Self sorrow

We are living a life full of illusion where there is no any existence of truth and trust.

Life totally sucks and our sorrow is increasing day by day and we are lost in this whirlpool and we are searching something that can relax our search unknown happiness.
We are keep searching these thing and lost in self sorrow .Man with broken inside can’t survive more even he is smiling inside because his thoughts donot trying to look over the facts
We are trying to achieve that  loss in our self and try to find away which increased in our mind and we got lost at all since we have no choices.
Why life becoming so painful why my love is far and why god doing this to me and no body shows their consolation towards us.
As Shakespeare’s poem consolation we need to look ourselves for the goodness heaven not going to help at all.
Smile is best medicine to console us otherwise this world is full of throwing stone on us rather than to helps us.
Some body correctly said :-So ur happiness to everbody sharing multiply and all people will enjoy it but when you are in sorrow donot reavel it to any one then will not share  this not console you rather than they laugh on you like spreading salt on your wounds.