Shiva vs Science:-The Ultimate

Shiva vs Science:-The Ultimate
Shiva is one of the sacred diety of Hinduism.Before Hinduism ther was shivasim where people used to believe in shiva nothing other.Any religion you were belong to you at least agree at a single point about the ultimate one.
In Science the ultimate is big bang nothing else.But on asking them what is before big bang they say that before big bang there was nothing and at single point containing lots of energy got sudden brust and whole universe came in existence.
According to science 4% only things that exist in the whole universe 23% Dark matter and 73% Dark energy.Dark mater and Dark energy both cannot be seen.
According to philosophy of people that they claim to god .God means one who exist every where then what is god god is light or dark.God is dark if you come on high level if you are beginner then God may be light for you.At last all the religion that believes in i.e God is everywhere and according to science dark energy every where.
According to Shiv puran when the there was nothing a dark matter come in existence from dark energy i.e is shiva who dances in such a way that a sudden brust in dark energy created universe.
To state this statement what is shiva ,Shiva you elaborate this it means one who is nothing and according to science every thing comes from nothing and end in nothing about 9-10 year before scientists conducted a experiment and destroyed single neutron and proton and also created proton and neutron from nothing.
What science telling today vedas told us  before.
Shiva vs Science:-The Ultimate

In contrast to science it is explained that dark matter is shiva and dark energy is shakti.And shiva is one from everything comes out and everything ends satisfying statement of science that everything comes  out from nothing and goes back in nothing.


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