Stop Being Good

Stop being good.Yes, you heard it right, being good is weakness inside you.You don’t know when your goodness starts killing you.People around you always appreciate you for your goodness, they say you are so good, person.All people around you keep telling you how nice is to be good and you might feel in yourself, yes they are all saying good words for me.people keep you involve in and say how it is great to be good.You must have your friends appreciate you for your kindness and gentleness.But, just ask your self what your kindness and good behaviour has given you.You find every time yourself in trouble and nobody there to help you.

People take advantage of your goodness they make use of you and they keep you to them till you are useable to them.They just take advantage of your goodness.Being good is easy prey to others they know if they ask you for something you definitely say yes.If you say yes they use you and behind you, they betrayed you from behind.They always make fun of your kindness as they know it your kind of weakness.They screw you as you gave them the reason to exploit you.

Yes, it is right good people get exploited by the clever and evil mindset people. They are in search of good people to take advantage of their kindness.They are easy prey since they unable to oppose injustice going against them.They think their adjustment in society will take him somehow far.But, my friend failure comes into play.Their kindness work against them.What you think why people around you?They are just because of they have some advantage to take from you that sid.Their goal and mindset know if you are good enough to say yes they make their work easy possible and they even give you their single and useless works too.

Since your availability increasing to them as part of good you are unable to say no they are being used of you yes.If some time you say no they start blackmailing you.They must say you are not the person we previously have known.They say you are changing day by day.They simply not interested in you they are saying wtf how I can leave some much easy precious slave which just take appreciation as being good.

Stop being good don’t let other people exploit for your kindness.Don,t be available for them all the time, they misjudge you and think you are good useless stuff which they can use any way they want.So be little bad.