Super Power india 2020

Super Power india 2020

India is growing day by day and we are here to achieve the post of superpower power.Soon, we going to rise and shine in this world that never be seen before.In the leading future with our PMO we soon going to achieve superority  in world index.

we are the largest growing Economic in the world.Whole world countries looking towards us with a such shockable thought in their mind have.Our current prime minister Sri Narendra modi changed the view of world towards india and each country seeing future through India.

Such a huge achievement we got.On borders where our soldiers fighthing against terror and punishing them whereas as our PM at Democratic level making india strong and made enemy countries helpless.

A long time our countries taught world a lesson and this time it will going to show the power.This time for india show that  “Don’t take  kindness as weakness,the beast is sleeping not dead.If India decide to be in battlefield world will see the glory of warfare once more.And 2020 will going to be a year where world will recognize that we are back and don’t dare to teach me whaat to do or not do.

“Keep calm!India is next super power”