The Plague :-Several meaning Book

The Plague :-Several meaning BookThe Plague is a great novel Written by Albert Camus and this is widely

called as a novel with several meanings.As we know anything to give meaning

how we actually see them.Same with this novel.

‘The Plague’ by Albert Camus is a haunting tale of the triumph of the human

spirit in the face of Unrelieved horror.The novel deals with an epidemic of

bubonic plague that takes place in Algerian port city of Oran.When the plague

first arrives, the residents are slow a recognize the mortal danger they

are slow to recognize the mortal danger they are in.Once they do become aware

of it, they to fight the deadly disease.’The Plague’ was first published in France in 1947

, three years after the end of World war II.The novel has several meanings.On one

level, it refers to the German occupation of France from 1940 to 1944, which cut

France off from the outside world, just as in the novel, the town of Oran must close its gate to isolate the plague.

The plague may also be understood as the presence of moral evil, or simply, as a symbol of the nature of the

human condition.In Short,’The Plague’ is Albert Camus’s brilliant allegory of the spread of fascism.