Wave of Modi :Nitish back to NDA

After taking oath on 27th july 2017  as Bihar chief minister ,Nitish kumar  6th times became chief minister of Bihar.This is  a again achievement for NDA  that  made NDA alliances to rule over 18th states of india.

Wave of Modi :Nitish back to NDA

As our honourable PM Narendra Modi wants to see all over Lotus in india and he says”kamal to khilega pure Baharat me”.Each and every body appreciating modi achievement .Nitesh kumar was one of the hardcore face against modi but after breaking from Mahaghatbandhan and again joining back NDA and also supporting PM’s agenda it is clear that nobody is now able to to challenge modi.This hole scenario was a Shock to congress;Rahul gandhi Says”Nitesh ne janta ko  thaga hai”.

Narendra modi apperciated Nitish kumar just after he leaves as chief minister of bihar,he said Good choice for Nitish kumar to fight against the corruption.

Also many of congress Mla’s joining BJP about 3-6 JOin Bjp within past weeks ,Congress life is no more as he left only in few states.

Modi’s wave is so fast that hopefully he will be unbeatable again be PM of in in 2019.