Who am I?

Who am I? It is the first question comes in once mind, when we seriously eager to know ourselves.When we become helpless in approach towards life without knowing who we are?Have you ever questioned your self why are you here.Hope you must have the question-related to this terminology once in your life when you were desperate to know why are here?It is obvious that we want to know the truth of ourselves but we always stuck in the whirlpool of questions. We think we know but we don’t know, what to know.We totally misunderstand ourselves and lost of identity comes into play.Don’t you think once in a lifetime you need to know who are you?where are you going?

I know my friend you think yup I know myself but ask yourself that you truly know your self I guarantee most of you don’t know.Because of you unaware your circumstances and happening around you and also you are not concern about all that.Since you are unaware you miss lots of details even sometime overview and you really fall into the pit where there is the only failure but not the success at all Since we get failure we get depressed.

I know my friend must be thinking then what the solution to this question.I will say it is hard to answer one but it is easy to answer.Who you are depending on circumstances and happening around you either you are friend or lover or both.Either you evil or good or situation demanding.Who you are decided by the demand of moment.And what you need to be is what you gave more importance to.So simple answer is who are you decided by time and circumstances and what you need to be is what you give importance too.

So take look inside yourself and know who are you and what you need to be.